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Industrial Epoxy Coatings by Texas Industrial Coatings

Surface Stripping Industrial Epoxy Coating Surface Stripping

We sand blast or remove the old coating depending on the pre-existing coating and the surface material. This process is accomplished using sandblasting, diamond grinding or other technologies.

Surface Preparationoil tank epoxy coatings texas

You can use the best coating/paint products in the world, but if the surface is not prepared properly before the application, premature failure of the coating and deterioration of the substrate metal is inevitable. Our tank coating specialists study each project and determine the optimum approach to surface preparation based on site specific conditions such as tank materials, existing corrosion, humidity and other environmental conditions.

Industrial Epoxy Coating ApplicationEpoxy Coating Application

The industrial epoxy application is rolled or sprayed on depending on the size of the project. Our industrial strength epoxy will far outlast any paint or other coating on the market. It is applied correctly and to industry standards.

Maximum protection from the elements and from corrosion is guaranteed. Maintenance and repairs will be minimized and will lead to a more cost effective solution to protect your oil tanks, lines, pipes, and other oil field components.

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